Academic FAQ’s

UDD has a wide variety of courses for International Students. Please remember to check the list corresponding to the semester that you will participate in our university.

Q: How and when can I register courses?

A: The registration process is online and takes place during the month prior to the start of classes. The dates are set in the academic calendar. As for the instructions, user and password, they will be sent to your personal email a few weeks before the date.

Q: How many courses should I enroll in?

A: The International Relations Office recommends that international students take 4 to 5 courses per semester. You are required to enroll in at least 30 UDD credits (3 courses) and a maximum of 60 UDD credits (6 courses). The only exception is Business Administration with a 50 credit maximum.

Q: Is it possible for me to take more than 5 courses?

A: Students who must take more courses can do so under prior approval of the International Relations Office.

Q: What type of courses can I enroll in?

A: International students can combine Courses of a Major, Courses in English, Courses from other Disciplines and Elective Courses. You may also register for the Spanish Language Course (this course has an extra fee).

Q: When is the course registration period?

A: First semester = February
Second semester = July
Exact dates will be released closer to the Course Registration Period

Q: When will I know the schedule of each course?

A: You will have access to schedule during the Course Registration Process.

Q: What is course availability like, and what are course sections?

A: There are limited places available for each course and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. NOTE: Most courses have more than one section, with each section providing a different time slot for the same course. You must register for only the section you wish to participate in.

Q: What happens if I have an overlap with two courses that I want to enroll in? 

A: You can’t register two courses if they are taught at the same time, hence, you will have to just choose one. 


Q: What is the ECTS range of equivalence?

A: The range of equivalence of 30 ECTS is 45 to 50 credits UDD approx.

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