Student Visa and Health Insurance

Student Visa

To study in Chile you have to present the documentation requested by our educational system. First, you must have a student visa. We do not accept students without student visas.

To get your visa, you must go to the Chilean consulate in your country of origin and present documents* such as the ones below.

(Please note: These are just standard documents; the necessary documents for your country may vary slightly. Please check with your consulate for exact details.)

  • Current passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Acceptance certificate for a study program from a Chilean educational institution
  • Document certifying that you’ll receive a loan or/and scholarship. In other cases, it is necessary to prove the necessary means to live in Chile
  • Medical certificate. You can find the application form in the consulate of your country.
  • Criminal records certificate of the country of residence, for students over 18 years old. The application form for this certificate can also be found in the consulate of your country.
  • 2 current Passport photographs
  • With these documents, you will be given a student visa valid for one year, and you can enter Chile within 90 days tops. This visa is for studies-related purposes only and does not allow you to work in Chile unless there is a special authorization evaluated by the consulate and no other.

TipDuring the visa process, you will be asked for a contact in Chile, please use the following information:

Campus Santiago 

Name: Paula

Surnames: Arriarán Álvarez

Nationality: Chilean

Country: Chile

Address: Avenida Plaza 680, Las Condes, Santiago

Phone: +56223279376

Health Insurance

Each student must obtain international health insurance for his or her stay in Chile. Without this requirement, students cannot participate in the exchange program. Students must present a photocopy of documents upon their arrival at UDD.

  • Please check with your insurance what type of doctors and hospitals your coverage provides.
  • Make sure you know the process of how to get reimbursed for your medical expenses while abroad.
  • Your health insurance must cover your whole stay in Chile.
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