Getting around Santiago

In Santiago, the buses are operated by a transportation system called Transantiago, responsible for the entire public transportation in this city. The Local bus lines have been integrated both with main bus lines and with the metro network.

Although the Transantiago site is only available in Spanish, click here to find a map of all of their routes (bus and metro).

The Santiago metro has just undergone renovations which have added and extended lines to serve previously unconnected parts of the city. At the moment, the extensive metro has five lines, carrying over two million passengers on a daily basis. The metro is run by a company called Metro de Santiago. Unfortunately, their website is in Spanish only, however, UrbanRail provides some useful information in English.

To get around Santiago, you will need a bip! card, this is the only way to use the public transportation and the cards can be purchased at any metro station.

The cards themselves cost $1,550. CLP and must be loaded with an initial credit of at least $1.000 CLP. After this, you’re ready to go—just scan the card on the yellow machines and it will subtract credit from your balance. The card can be used for more than one person—just scan it twice. There are several ways to add money to the card. Perhaps the most common is at the ticket counter in any metro station. However, many metro stations also have automated machines for adding credit with service in English and Spanish. The minimum recharge is $1.000 CLP, and the maximum balance allowed on any bip! card is $25.500 CLP.


Public Transportation

Here are a few public buses (Transantiago) which will bring you to our campus:

Buses C-02, and C02c will bring you two blocks away from UDD, or you may take bus C09 which will bring you right in front of the University. All of these options can be taken from the metro station Los Dominicos at the end of the Red Line.

UDD Shuttle Bus

Another alternative is to take the UDD Shuttle Bus which takes you directly to the UDD campus, please click here to check the schedule.

To get to the Shuttle Bus, you must leave the subway station Los Dominicos and walk down Avenida Apoquindo. The shuttle buses start at 7:00 a.m. and finish at 20:00 p.m.

The shuttle bus is a large white coach bus with green stripes (it does not say UDD), and there is also a large black coach bus. We recommend you ask the driver if they are going to the San Carlos Campus (address: Avenida Plaza 680, Las Condes).

The red cross on the photo below shows you where the Shuttle Bus is located outside of Metro Los Dominicos. The M in the blue square shows where the metro exit is. 

There is also a free bus system of the municipality of Las Condes, these buses are electronic and green, so they are quite easy to recognize. In the following link you can check out the stops.

If you are still feeling unsure about how to get to UDD, Movit is an app that shows you different routes to get to your destination. The university address is Av. Plaza 680, if you put that address in the app it will give you the best options for your way to UDD!

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